David Savill. Metropolitan Police Constables wearing gas masks line up to enter a mobile gas chamber at East Ham Police Station, London, 1937


A reactor vessel being installed at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Maryland.

c. 1971


Alpha Track Calutron at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge Tennessee.

c. undated


Highway Driving


The Packard factory of Detroit, Michigan – the largest (3.5 million square foot complex on 35 acres of land) abandoned factory ever.

The buildings were built in 1903 and the company went bankrupt in the late 1950s.

These interactive photos are coming from Detroit Free Press. GIFs were made by grofjardanhazy.


Une ancienne scierie et distillerie de résine bâtie en 1880 et aujourd’hui désaffectée.

Je n’ai pas pu la visiter autant que je le voulais parce qu’il y avait des travaux dans la rue devant et des gendarmes pas loin de là…



Blouse Collars, 1940s-50s - By Charlotte Dymock.

there was a lot of bullshit in the forties and fifties but the style was not part of it

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Pripyat, Ukraine.