the ninth nuclear city in the Soviet Union was abandoned.

Apr 2014 Pripyat Ukraine


Richard Chivers’ Monkey Puzzle, Sussex, 2005

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Forty years ago, a vast molten cavity known as the Darvaza crater – nicknamed the “door to hell” – opened up in the desert of north Turkmenistan, and has been burning ever since. Now, Canadian explorer George Kourounis has became the first to make the descent into the fiery pit to look for signs of life (x)


New York City rooftop parking garage c. early 1960s  (via)


the badlands / alberta / i.m. ruzz


The American Pavillion designed by Buckminster Fuller at the grounds of Expo 67 in Montreal, damaged by fire in 1976.


How to Survive an Atomic Bomb, 1950

this government-promoted book suggested that men wear wide brimmed hats to protect against the heat flash when the bomb exploded. 


Six Steps To Survival


Jul. 23 | Les électros


She doesn’t care!

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Havana, 1940’s

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Edward E. Barnard, Nine selected areas of the Milky Way photographed on a small scale, plate 51, 1927 (via charlmalan)

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Sunlight hitting a doorframe in Weeks Hall, sometime around 2007, with a patient bedframe bizarrely overturned in the corridor.  Sadly, a few years after this photograph was taken, Weeks Hall - a ward building that had stood on the grounds of Connecticut Valley Hospital for over a century - was torched by an arsonist.

Print available here.


Signs without Signification - Jeff Brouws